Don’t Bite the OTO Bullet If You’re Not Ready – And Still Get the Offer

For those of you not familiar, OTO is a “One Time Offer”. According to the gurus and webmasters, you will NEVER see this offer again. Is that really the truth? Is there a way around their compelling sales pitch that you desperately want to take advantage of, but were too afraid to ask?

As Internet marketers, we are constantly looking for traffic solutions. We are correctly taught that article marketing and forum posts are optimal long term strategies and it all sounds good, but we need traffic now! We seek short term traffic and find many well known sites deemed respectable. The sales pages entice us as we struggle with our decision. We reason that real business people take immediate and massive action and don’t sit around to wait for things to happen.

Some times there are free sign-ups and others are paid. More times than not we are faced with the OTO – the dreaded “One Time Offer.” The script on moneycraft oto this page is even more compelling. Yanik Silver or Charlie Page could have written it themselves. You will NEVER see THIS offer again”, they say. This is your ONLY chance to take advantage of this Opportunity”, they write. You know the tune, yet you struggle with yourself. Possibly, you prepare your defense for your significant other when the bank statement arrives. What should I do?”, you ask yourself. Take action now or pay a lot more later.

It’s that simple and you may save yourself a few bucks if you’re not ready to bite the bullet when the particular webmaster wants you to swallow it! Who knows, you may even change your mind on an impulse purchase and avoid buyer’s remorse. Maybe some OTO pages have a way around this and copy IP addresses. I don’t know. Maybe you can use the link on a different PC. It is what it is – it’s just a tip. It saved me a few bucks when I felt like upgrading later a couple of times when I didn’t feel like biting the OTO bullet. It’s all good.

So you see, the uses for a big list is wide and varied. You won’t have to stop with these suggestions. There are more ideas at my website if you wish to pursue more options. Treat your list like gold. Treat it like a gold bearing tree. Keep it healthy and strong; never take it for granted and when someone drops out of your list, take the time to send them a personal email to inquire why they left. Keep the tone positive and see if you get a constructive answer.